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As you may read on other pages throughout this site and have even heard me say while while talking together.  English Bulldogs are a great breed and can be a great member to welcome into your family.  But with every thing, there are some some serious commitments you need to consider.  As someone who has been raising this breed for over 16 years, please meet me or talk over the phone with plenty of questions about this breed, especially if this is your 1st English Bulldog you are looking into. 

First and foremost, English Bulldogs are not trained to be aggressive, they are a whole bunch of LOVE wrapped up into 45+ pounds.  In their eyes, you provide the best lap to sit in, they just don’t realize there not always an ideal lap dog.  Second, if your looking for a dog that you can go jogging with, then this isn’t your breed, they require a short daily walk or time to get out in a yard and get some exercise.  With that in mind, it is essential that you always pay close attention to their weight management.  Extra weight on an animal that already carries a massive body structure and has strict health precautions, will make it that much more difficult for him/her to live a full and healthy life.  Just like us, we require plenty of water and enjoy air conditioning on a warm day, these English Bulldogs as us to do the same for them, their lives depend on it. 

 I have a policy that no puppy leaves here before the age of 8 weeks.   That time frame allows us to vaccinate the puppy with the proper vaccines necessary to start a new home off and look forward to further vaccines recommended buy your veterinarian.  This paragraph just covers some basic but necessary needs this breed will require, while also allowing you to evaluate you and your family’s life style.  We want to make sure this breed will be able to ajust to your home as well as you able to adjust to he/she.